Over 50 years of experience

Production of small and big lots

Leader in custom-made prefabrication

Over 2000 sqm of production area

Leader in the production of custom-made artefacts

in cement

and marble grit

Over 2000 client companies

Continuous technical research
and development for every production phase.

Design development and planning

Over 35000 linear meters of artefacts per year

Planning of production and delivery time

Finished product quality control

Cutting edge and customized production

The buyer gives Baccaro I Cementisti a technical design or a simple draft.
Baccaro I Cementisti verifies the project’s feasibility and, if necessary, suggests modifications for a better result.
The executive designs developed by Baccaro I Cementisti surveyors are sent to the client for verification and approval.
Baccaro I Cementisti technical office designs and develops the most suitable mould for each specific need.
Baccaro I Cementisti selects a mixture of inert materials, fluidifying agents and other fibres, fit to obtain a product that is resistant to both weather conditions and plastic shrinkage.
The moulds are filled with the inert materials mixture, then the appropriate formworks are inserted and each piece is checked. The products stay on the workbenches for the time needed to reach the definitive maturation before being stripped of their formworks.
Once free of its formwork, the product is perfectioned through an accurate manual finishing of the visible surfaces, then subjected to the required aesthetic treatment.


Isolight Products

Concrete Products

Polystyrene Products

Acqua Drena® Products


years of experience
sqm of production area
client companies
linear meters of products per year


The easiest, less expensive way to decrease the thermal bridge in sills.

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Custom made cement and marble grit products

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Centrings, moulds, frames, light and functional cornices

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Drainage slabs, for driveways or pedestrian use, made with Italcementi’s i.idro DRAIN

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